Sunday, September 5, 2010

Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated Episode/Chapter 1: Beware The Beast From Below

So hi! It's me, Super Thunder and I love Scooby Doo. So anyway, each week or so, I will be adding a written summary of the episode and a a video. This post is for the written summary. So here it goes!

Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated Episode/Chapter 1: Beware The Beast From Below

So it starts off when the gang is in a room all happy and cheering. Velma says "Another mystery bites the dust"! Fred says "Way to go, gang"! Daphne says "Let's celebrate"! Scooby says "Reah! Celebrate!" They start to walk out the room when they realize they are in a jail cell. The door closes and the sheriff says "Better idea." Fred complains and the sheriff tells them to guess why they think it is there. Velma rolls her eyes and guesses that the badge came with the shirt. The sheriff is annoyed and yells that the badge is there because if there is a crime HE is supposed to solve it not them. The sheriff turns to leave but stops at the door and tells them that they are all in big trouble because he has called their parents, who he has on speed dial. Then he tell Fred that his dad, the mayor, was called too. He leaves. The gang complains for not being thanked.

It's the next day and Velma is giving a tour of the Crystal Cove museum. She is bored and rude and does everything lazily.After Velma tells the tourists that none of the monsters were real, her parents arrive and shut her mouth. They tell the tourusts to buy stuff from the gift shop. After the tourists leave, they ask her what exactly was she doing. Velma answers that she was just telling the truth. Then she says that "My generation's belief? We only got one thing on our minds..."

"...Solving mysteries and building traps". The scene shifts to Fred and his dad, the mayor, talking.His dad tells him that that is two things.Fred says that they just want answers and dad says that the mayor's son is supposed to set an example. Fred
says that he is trying and that he entered one of his traps in the science fair. It was rejected for not having anything to do with science. Dad tells him that he just does'nt want Freddie to make a mistake he will regeret. Fred does'nt get it and asks "Like making a bad trap?" Dad gets mad and says "NO! Life is'nt all about traps. It's also about..."

"... Rancakes! And Racon!" says Scooby. "And sausages and orange juice!" says Shaggy. Now we are at Shaggy's house and Shaggy and Scooby are eating just that. They are dumping loads of food in their mouths. 'Don't forget to chew...' says Mrs. Roggers dissapprovingly. "And breathe..." adds Mr. Roggers. Shaggy and Scooby both say thanks and breathe and swallow. Then Mr. Roggers starts: "Your mother and I are worried about this mystery phase you are going through". Then he adds "We're not saying find new friends, we're sayi-" "Yes we are. Find new friends." interrupted Mrs. Roggers. Shaggy laughs and tells them that they have nothing to worry about. Then Shaggy and Scooby say that if there is danger, they run fast, reaally fast. Then Shaggy adds "As for our friends, if you guys just gave them a chance, you'd see..."

"... The gang is misunderstood!" says Daphne. The scene goes to Daphne and parents and sisters. Daphne tells her parents that all kids solve mysteries. Her parents disagree. Then Mrs. Blake tells Daphne that she is hearing about Fred Jones and that Daphne could do so much better. Daphne shakes her head and says "Not like Fred! He's like one of those geniuses that nobody understands until they're dead". Her parents tell her that they just want her to have a rich career like her sisters. The Mystery Machine honks. Daphne leaves in rush while yelling "Bye mom! Bye dad! Bye Daisy! Bye Dawn! Bye Dorthy! Bye Delilah!"

Now we go underground below a sewer. Some construction workers are working and a guy asks if they want any Fruitmeyer's smoothie. They all say no and when the guy offering it leans against the wall, it breaks. He falls on top of the broken wall. They wonder if it is another sewer, but they remember there is only one sewer. They walk around a bit and find somer barrels with the label DANGER! So of course, they open it. Mysterious glowing green glob flys out and we hear the workers scream and now it's time for the gang. Scooby is hanging with his head outside the window and touge out. In the back of the van, Velma asks Shaggy why he did'nt text her last night. Shaggy feeds her some lame excuse and she eats it. Then Velma tries to kiss Shaggy, but Shaggy pulls her off with a scared look on his face. Their relationship is a secret, so nobody knows. Velma is about to tell Scooby that she and Shaggy are dating, but just then, the van runs into a sewer explosion. A glowing green monster attacks the Mystery Machine. Fred says that it's a mystery, so they better skip school. The gang explores the place where the workers were last seen and Velma says something smart about the barrels. Daphne shines her flashlight and finds a musical locket. She tells Freddie immediately. Fred tells her good job and the gang here a drippety drip noise. They find the three workers all glued to the ceiling by some mysterious green goo.

Now the sherrif is telling the gang that it's their fault that the workers got cocooned. They deny this, but the sheriff refuses to listen to them. He tell s them to go away beacause "This is a crime scene and future tourist attraction, so stay out of it!" Freddie says he'll talk to the sherrif. Fred returns a minute later running with a cocooned worker yelling at Shaggy to start the car. They drive away asking Fred WHY he had to steal a body. Frerd keeps on taking the body. Then thae gang goes to a proffessors classroom. He says that the body is alive but dehydrated